Luis Prados Ramos

Bank Policies

Notary Policies:

A Notary Policy It is that document that contains the acts and contracts of a commercial and financial nature typical of the habitual and ordinary traffic of one or more of its participants, through which the notary guarantees the legal certainty and the necessary impartiality in all those acts and contracts that by his content of an economic nature have a clear significance or impact on the daily life of citizens (people / companies), ensuring that the validity and compliance of contracts is not left to the discretion of a single contracting party and respect for the current legislation, ensuring and identifying the legitimacy of the signatures and their signatories, going on to guard and preserve the original document in a confidential manner.

In case of breach of obligations by any of the parties, said Notarial policy will expedite the judicial claim process.

The Notarial Policy does not have unity of act, being able to sign the same document by the contracting parties at different times and different notaries.