Luis Prados Ramos

Corporate Operations

Constitution of societies:

When setting up a company, we must provide before a Notary Public the object that will constitute the main activity of the company, the address of the company, its capital, as well as the number of partners that will form part of it and the number of shares / shares corresponding to each of the members.

The statutes may have been drawn up by the partners or they may be drawn up in the same notary, where they will be informed of all the existing and necessary legal requirements for the constitution of a company.

structural modifications:

In corporate terms, we understand how structural modifications those that affect the organization and operation of a commercial society, in terms of economic significance or its organizational change, finding said modifications regulated by the Law of Structural Modifications of Mercantile Companies.  

At our Notary in Madrid, it may also carry out increases and reductions in share capital, transfer of shares / participations, changes of company name, changes of registered office, dissolution and liquidation of companies, mergers, transformations, etc.