Luis Prados Ramos

Powers and Acts

Powers of Attorney:

The Powers of Attorney They are public documents authorized by a Notary to allow a company or natural person to designate another as their representative, thus being able to act on their behalf in certain legal acts.

The electronic signature allows to send electronically and immediately, authorized copies of powers between different notaries, without the need to send the authorized copy on paper, which will greatly facilitate the granting of the deed.

Spanish powers of attorney are internationally recognized and allow their legal effectiveness to be recognized among the different signatory countries of the Hague Convention.


Notarial Acts:

Notaries, upon request by a party, can issue and authorize minutes where facts and circumstances are recorded, which are known to them or have been witnessed, and which by their nature are not the subject of a contract.

The notarial acts They must be signed by the applicants and initialed by a notary, in the event that one of the applicants could not or did not know how to sign, this must be recorded in the minutes.