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The anecdotary section had been a little forgotten for a long time, although I know that it is one of the sections that the followers of this blog like the most. To the holder with the addition (II) this entry means that it is a continuation of the (I) that can be consulted by clicking on this link.

Today I'm going with another anecdote about the importance of choosing a notary, with the difference with respect to the case dealt with in version (I) that fortunately, a notary was chosen by who had the right to do so, because if it hadn't been like that, I really don't know what. It would have happened, but surely nothing good.


A few days ago a young couple came to my office with the purpose of granting marriage agreements. As a result of the conversation we had with them and what they wanted, we added to the mere property separation agreement, some details of our repertoire.

They must have been happy, because a long time after they had left the office they returned, thanking us for our attention and asking us, since they had to buy a house in a few days, if they could do the deed with us.

Our answer was obviously affirmative, as well as useful to explain the right to choose a notary, what it consists of, how it is achieved and the great advantages that this entails..

After this conversation, they went to their bank office to say that the operation had to be signed at our notary.

The bank employee's first reaction, according to what they tell us, was that it could not be done, making some of the well-known excuses, the repertoire of which can be consulted in this entrance from the blog.

They must have gotten serious in front of the bank, explaining that it was not a suggestion but a decision, and in fact after a few minutes we had the documentation in my office, to prepare the deed of sale and mortgage.


Those two deeds have been signed today. The bank employee entered, with a certain air of smugness, and before saying good morning, he had already explained, without anyone asking him, that all the operations he managed for the bank were signed with his notary, and he almost we should give thanks, for having agreed to come to our humble office.

Things have become tense, due to some problems with the sellers, to whom the buyers' bank demanded a withholding of the price, in their opinion completely exorbitant, to proceed with the cancellation of the mortgages (already paid) that were encumbered the farm they sold.

These salespeople were also banking professionals, and I can say that the tension was cutting the atmosphere, to the point that the employee of the bank agency even said, This is not going to be signed!!

The situation for the buyers, a young couple, who only wanted to buy their home, was one of absolute disbelief, the woman bursting into tears, because she did not understand how, due to a situation outside her, an operation could be frustrated.

At that moment, the bank employee turns to the notary, that is, to me, to try to shed light on the whole situation, since it is very normal among those who frequent notaries, that when they no longer know what to say, their last bullet is  “…Well, let the notary explain it to him!

Indeed, I have explained it, we have approached positions, we have raised some small nuance in the document that included the provision of funds that was made to the sellers for the cancellation of the mortgage, and a little later than the usual time the sale and mortgage.


The final thought I have made to buyers:

Can you imagine your situation if all this had happened in a notary office, which was the first time you went, and where you did not know either the official or the Notary?

His answer has been: from now on we will do all our business with you.

Leganés as of July 30, 2018.

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