Luis Prados Ramos

Wills and inheritances

Wills before a Notary:

Through the drafting of the testament we express our last wishes before a notary, indicating who and in what proportion will be, after our death, our heirs.

He notarial open will, will record the last will before a notary, who will guarantee compliance with all legal formalities and will keep said testament under the strictest confidentiality while the testator is still alive.

To make a testament before a notary public, it will be enough that we have the National Identity document and clear ideas, although depending on the complexity of the will, it may be convenient to have the deeds of the assets or some additional information.

With this, the Notary will proceed to draw up the will in writing and generally, without having to make an inventory of all the properties, since it will be after death when those named in the will must proceed to their distribution.


Once a person dies through record of last wishes, it is possible to know if he had made a will or not, and who are his heirs, that there always is.

The heirs must proceed to distribute the assets, respecting the last will of the testator and pay the taxes corresponding to the succession, which in the case of the  Comunidad de Madrid, is one of the lowest in the country, being widely subsidized between spouses, ascendants and descendants.