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As of today, June 17, 2013, swearing in of Spanish nationality can be made before a Notary Public and in fact this very morning, in my notary office, some files have already been formalized without any incident.

We reiterate in this blog the procedure to follow, due to the large number of entries we have had, asking about the procedure:

The interested person must enter the website In it you will find the forms that you will have to fill out, which constitute your nationalization protocol.

First step: Enter theSafe Code of Verification(CSV), which appears at the bottom of your printed file, as well as your NIE and your file number, so that your file can be identified in electronic format.

Second step: Fill in the forms with your personal data and those related to your own nationalization (if you will keep your name, civil residence, resignation of your previous nationality, actyes chosen -oath or promise-, etc.).

Third step: Choose the place where you want to carry out the act of promise or swear and send your data electronically to the notarial association or to the notary office that you have chosen to carry outto the oath or promise In addition, you will have to contact, by email or by phone, the chosen school or notary to request an appointment (from the next business day after submitting your data).

Fourth step:Finally, you must go to the indicated place on the assigned day, Carrying the NIE and the documentation in order.



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