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 In the Sunday supplement of the newspaper EL PAIS dated September 29, 2013, there is an article signed by the writer and journalist DOÑA ROSA MONTERO, which comments on the unfortunate event suffered by DOÑA JUANA VACAS, who, as a consequence of an inheritance acceptance, was seen forced to pay the debts of the murderer of her daughter, who died "blasted with a hammer" by her husband, an alcoholic plumber.

I cannot deny that the case is terribly unpleasant, and I am not going to comment on the actions of the Notary who authorized the deed of acceptance of inheritance, I really do not know him.

 But it is true that in line with the comments many gratuitous accusations are made against the activity of notaries, which are summarized in the title of the article. What are notaries for? and in the highlighted part of the article in the center of the page and in bold that says "notaries, if they want to be of any use, they must inform and defend their clients."

The use of the conditional in this last sentence gives us to understand that, according to DOÑA ROSA MONTERO, notaries are good for nothing, but if they wanted to be good for something, they should inform their clients, with which the author indirectly says , which they actually don't. He adds that for doing nothing, since they don't do their job, notaries take a fortune.

DOÑA ROSA MONTERO's article is really quite unfortunate, and since I don't feel like anyone's representative, I'm going to answer it in the first person.

Doña Rosa: It is manifestly false that I do nothing, and that for not doing anything I earn money. I usually spend all day in my office, from early morning until late afternoon, stopping at noon to eat and do some sport. All the documents that are signed in my Notary's Office, without exception, before the clients come, have been supervised by me and on many occasions even written personally by me. The amounts that I collect are set by the Government, through a Royal Decree, which is from 1989 (Felipe González was still in power), which has not been subject to any update, except to correct them downwards. At no time have I charged any amount for advice, an action that is usually very frequent in these times, and at the insistence of people who want to pay, I tell them to leave their will, which accumulates in a pot with which they they pay for the collective breakfasts that we make in the office on Fridays. I inform everyone of the consequences of all kinds of the documentation they intend to sign, and if necessary I advise them of the most beneficial alternatives, assessing all aspects of the operations. I have always, and more recently, advised people not to sign certain operations if they did not consider it appropriate for their interests, since I have always held my independence in high esteem, which I can say costs me a lot of money.

As a summary, DOÑA ROSA, I feel terribly offended by your article, in whose content I do not feel alluded to at any time, because I am good for many things and I do not take money for it.




  1. Good afternoon Mr. Luis de Prados Ramos: I am writing to you from this page because I have been unable to write a review on the Google page thanking you for the help you have given me on the case I raised. Highlight the speed in accepting my case and your generosity in not charging me for your work.
    Thanks a lot .
    Yours sincerely.
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