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No one has the heritage of tears Mr. Piqué

According to the press, and thus various television cameras have collected, after the match between Barcelona and Las Palmas, on October 1, Piqué (the footballer) could not contain his tears, due to the pain they had caused him. the unfortunate facts known to all.

Mr. Piqué said "There has been no act of aggression and the police and the Civil Guard had to come for that to happen."

Paraphrasing Manuel Jabois, in the article that can be consulted here, Mr. Piqué is aligned with the idea that the heritage of tears and suffering is only on one side of the deck, as if the rest of us continued with a placid life, congratulating ourselves on the evil of others.

Mr. Pique, nothing could be further from reality, and I can tell you that not only are you crying and that there are many others who are extremely saddened by what is happening, but we do not have the loudspeaker that comes from being a famous person, to which all TV cameras are waiting for any kind of statement.

In my closest environment there are also tears, and there are not one or two people, those who share a diagnosis of the situation we are experiencing, saying that "this" has gotten out of hand for some and that we are in the waiting room of major damage.

But if there is a reality that I believe should be known to exist, that it is happening these days and that it constitutes the expression of the most hostile means of violence,  It is the one referring to the pointing out of the dissenting and the absence of the slightest sense of self-criticism. 

I know children, each one with their different degrees of maturity, which may be higher than that of some older ones, who on October 1, at sunset, cried at home because they had to go to school the next day. because they knew that they were going to be singled out by the teachers and students, since by not being faithful to the independence ideology, they were going to make them directly responsible for the events that brought you tears, as it happened.

I know children who cry today when pressured by classmates and teachers to go to demonstrations, under the name that if they don't go it's because they're ugly.

I know children and adults, who directly label any type of information as false, if it does not come from their usual sources.

I know people who are starting to pack their bags, after a long time working and contributing to the benefit of everyone, but especially the Catalans.

Mr. Piqué, that is also violence, and know that there are also other people who cry, but who do not have the chance to spread it.

With all due respect, use your position to seek concord.

Arrived on October 3, two thousand and seventeen.

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