Luis Prados Ramos


Among the different types of notarial documentation, and perhaps the one most directly associated with the performance of a notary, are the so-called notarial acts. It is a document in which the Notary, at the request of the party, records facts and circumstances that he witnesses or is aware of.

The fact that new technologies have invaded our lives may make it necessary to prove the content of a web page, a blog, a tweet, a Facebook profile, photos, videos, the content of an SMS, or a WhatsApp or any type of information that may be circulating on the internet.

If at any given time this information circulating on the internet or in cyberspace can cause us some type of harm, either because it is an attack against us or because we have trusted its content, it may be convenient to record this information in a notarial deed, such as means of proof to bring legal actions that we consider assisted.

We can give numerous examples: 1.- We are denied a subsidy despite meeting all the requirements described on the website of the corresponding body and a document is needed that proves the content of the website to take legal action. 2.- Defamatory comments are being published against our business. 3.- A seller, exclusively commissioned to sell a store, observes that another agency is offering the same store on the Internet at a lower price. 4.- A mother is sent a YouTube video where some boys are beating her son. The mother recognizes the abusers and decides to take legal action, but fears that the video that has already been shown will be made to disappear from the web address. 5.- Threats have been sent to us through mobile phone text messages. 6.- A lawyer needs to prove that certain judicial documents have been sent to her through an intranet. All these facts and in general all the casuistry that can derive from the new communication systems can be recorded by means of a notarial deed.

From my notary we have sufficient and accredited experience to deal with all these issues as quickly as possible and to be able to talk about the problems presented by new technologies with the knowledge of their problems.

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